Lauren Fell

Associate Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

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quantum cognition    behavioural science    social perception    psychology    neuroscience

Title Cited by Year

The cognitive decision space of trust: an exploratory study of image trustworthiness and the propensity to deceive

L Fell, PD Bruza, SK Devitt, G Oliver, M Gradwell, H Partridge

3 2016

Design insights into embedding virtual reality content into life skills training for people with intellectual disability

R Brown, L Sitbon, L Fell, S Koplick, C Beaumont, M Brereton

2 2016

Towards Universal Search Design

L Sitbon, L Fell, D Poxon, J Zhang, S Geva

2 2014

An Experimental Protocol to Derive and Validate a Quantum Model of Decision-Making

L Fell, S Dehdashti, P Bruza, C Moreira

1 2019

Are decisions of image trustworthiness contextual? A pilot study

PD Bruza, L Fell

1 2018

Modelling Dynamic Interactions between Relevance Dimensions

S Uprety, S Dehdashti, L Fell, P Bruza, D Song


Towards a Quantum-Like Cognitive Architecture for Decision-Making

C Moreira, L Fell, S Dehdashti, P Bruza, A Wichert


Do you trust this image? Exploring the subjectivity of image trustworthiness from a cognitive perspective

PD Bruza, L Fell, SK Devitt, G Oliver, M Gradwell, HL Partridge


Immersive digital experiences to ease people with intellectual disability into new physical spaces

L Sitbon, RA Brown, L Fell, S Koplick, C Beaumont


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