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A creative perspective is often more important than domain-specific knowledge or formal training. Having something unique to offer could mean the difference between a good idea that works within the lines or a great idea that's outside the box.


About Me

I hold a BA Psych (Hons) from Macquarie University, an education which has shaped the way I engage in all other fields I now work within. I am part of a research group at Queensland University of Technology specialising in Quantum Cognition - the application of theories of quantum physics to explain cognitive phenomena. After working as a research assistant whilst holding additional jobs in mental health work and UX consulting, this background has lead me to begin my PhD in Quantum Cognition and to teach as an Associate Lecturer in the Masters of IT program at QUT.

I have a diverse background of work, ranging from door-to-door sales in Australia and Ireland to electrician's assistant, to a palaeontology volunteer position in Argentina. I also participate in various crowd-sourced innovation challenges for a range of organisations, most notably NASA - with whom I have placed first in two challenges, second in two and third in another. Some of my designs and concepts in these challenges are being tested for use in space exploration and sample-collection.

In addition to this, I co-founded PsytAssist - a report and letter writing tool for Allied Health professionals, with an aim to develop this into a program to assist in the diagnosis of ASD - a concept for which I won the Lord Mayor's Budding Entrepreneur Grant in Brisbane.

I believe in developing my skills creatively across industries so that I can tackle every opportunity with lateral thinking and from new and innovative angles.

Lunaria One

I've recently embarked on an exciting endeavour to place a set of carefully selected seeds and resurrection plants on the lunar surface to show that germination and growth are possible on the moon. I am leading a *stellar* team of scientists, engineers and specialists to make this happen.

We were recently successful in our bid for our payload of seeds and plants to be included on-board a Lunar Lander scheduled for flight to the moon in 2024.

Based on my past experience participating and winning NASA challenges, I know that age, education, experience or domain expertise are no barriers to contributing to humanity's exploration of space. This project will thus involve core outreach and citizen scientist components.

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I am currently undertaking my PhD looking at how models based on the formalism of quantum physics can be applied to face perception. I'm particularly interested in experimental protocol design to test these models, as well as the psychological explanations for the results. I am also involved in projects investegating the use of virtual reality for people with cognitive impairments, modelling trust, and investegating trust in autonomous systems

Teaching into the Masters of IT at Queensland University of Technology, I bring a cognition-centric approach which enables students to gain a deeper understanding of why we have technology and how we use it.



I regularly participate in contests as a freelancer to develop my cross-disciplinary skillset. So far, I have won and placed in five contests for NASA:

  • Design of an autonomous inflatable crane for moving cargo on the moon (1st)
  • Creation of a storyboard to explain RFID tagging in space (1st)
  • Creation of a course for implementing the Interplanetary Overlay Network in space (2nd)
  • Design of a collapsible radiation shield for shuttle travel (2nd)
  • Design of a moon regolith collector and sorter (3rd)


I am a cofounder of PsytAssist - an tool that streamlines the creation of customisable reports for psychologists, with an aim of making life easier for mental health professionals. This app is aimed at providing psychologists with a simple and time-effective means of generating reports and letters for their clients, allowing them to focus more of their time on their valuable work, and less time on admin.

I have worked closely with clinical psychologists to co-design this app, and we are now looking to expand to a wider range of allied health professionals

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